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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Changes in the Air...

I wish I could write more often on this blog but something always manages to come up. Either I'm working on a project or running around. But more often than not I really do have much to say however, it becomes cumbersome to move forward with it. I become over critical of what I write on paper, even more so on the blog. Too much to say or too many feelings to sort out and not sure how to put it into words. In the end, its just easier to put it on the back burner. On the other hand, I like to blog without obligations. When the mood strikes, its appropriate to write. But secretly I would like the mood to strike more often.

I've started working with an online group for my ADF Dedicant work and they're just the loveliest group (or loverly group) and I've become chatty with a couple of the other dedicants. It's a great feeling to strike up conversations and share input with others on the path as you are on. I enjoy sharing experiences and learning from others. Since we're constantly evolving, there's always room for growth. Don't you think? :)

Last week we were discussing the different high holidays and it will come up from time to time in our coursework because we'll have to write about the eight high days including writing about our experience during the days. One of the questions that came up in conversation was how do we know when a particular holiday is coming up. Do we just know because of weather change or because we look on the calendar? Well I look at the calendar almost everyday so I keep track of our next holiday. But wouldn't be nice to go by seasonal changes? Sometimes it's a bit difficult having that "feeling" when there's a change in season living here in Florida. Our springs are quite short, summer is way too long and fall and winter just bunch up together so its not too cold sometimes but not extremely hot. It just feels as if summer just squeezes in between fall and winter because its up to shenanigans. So unfortunately, we don't experience the change too much as others north of South Florida.

Well every day, I step outside to view what's going on in my backyard. Part of our studies include observing nature around us. I don't usually have a chance to go the park and its too bloody hot to do that lately so my back yard is the next best thing. I love my back yard. We have herbs growing, all sorts of flowering trees, birds and butterflies flying around, bees make an occasional visit or two, lizards jumping around greeting you and spider's keeping the yard buggy free by working hard on their webs. It might not be a plethora of flora and fauna (though I am working on including more flora back there) I find it to be a peaceful sanctuary. While enjoying my step outside, drinking my coffee, I confirmed my suspicion as I do each year. I felt it this morning but wasn't sure but there it was. The change in air. It was very small, not like the year before. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy to have that change back; but sad to know it wasn't that strong. Changes in our climate does that. But of course we shouldn't dwell on that. But the change was there. It was such a wonderful feeling and then a gust of wind picked up around me, telling me that it acknowledge me, like I acknowledge it, like it does to me every year. And I know the more I step outside, the more greetings I'll get til the weather finally changes. And patiently I will wait.

I embrace change. Probably more so than I would've ten years ago. Without change, we can't evolve.

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  1. Hey you girlie!!! I'm starting to feel the change. Not like up north anduch more subtle. But I taste it coming. Woot!