Always Creating...

Friday, May 7, 2010


Or is is merely just laziness... It might a bit of both but I have not sat down to write since last Sunday. I had an experience on Monday that i wanted to write about and after much thought, I decided against it. That's not something I want to incorporate in the focus of this blog. However, I really haven't had much to write about. I've been trying to get rid of things I don't need. I've created piles for my yard sale, for the Goodwill, for two friends that are traveling to Ecuador and for up-cycling and recycling. Other than that, I have not taken time to read like I wanted to nor have I continued working on projects I started last week. I haven't even had a chance to write down about my Beltane experience. Oy vey. >.< My goal this weekend is to create a schedule for the week and continue to do and follow it. Organization is the key...I just need to find that key! ^_^ I am motivated though, so I'm looking forward to accomplishing more goals. As stated in my last post, I will let you know what my daily card is. I was shuffling my deck and out popped out The Empress. What does she have to say? Here's the explanation taken from Raven's Tarot

The Empress is the friendlier, more approachable aspect of the female archetype. She stands for maternity, love and mercy; at the same time she's a symbol for sexuality and emotion. She is pure feeling, absolutely unintellectual, but basically life. The Empress is the Great Mother, representing the beginning of all life. She is the power of nature, causing change, renewal, major plans.

The Empress also stands for passion, a phase in which we cope life on an emotional and joyful basis, rather than on the thoughtful. This could mean great satisfaction, but in a improper context, when actually more analysis is needed. The Empress can also stand for a reflective, emotional attitude, refusing to accept reality. It also could stand for a person who is greedy for joy and abundance when actually just more self-control is needed.

Devotion and maternity, Mother Nature, creating something new in connection of both inside and outside

Maternity, love, trust, fulfillment, the joy of great abundance

Greed, envy, jealousy, laziness

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Fresh Re-Start

And yet again I begin a new blog... ~.~

I have a very bad habit of starting many projects and only finishing a couple. However, as of late, I have been finishing some here and there...that means I'm making progress.

One of them is writing... ~.~

I've always enjoyed writing, along with many other crafts, however, I always put it on the back burner; some excuse always creeps up to pull me away from them. I have made it one of my goals to see this one through and hopefully flourish.

What do I hope to accomplish with this blog?

Well, apart from actually sticking with it, and expressing my thoughts and ideas as most blogs tend to do...but hopefully reaching out to other artistically-inclined, not so ordinary pagans, just like me :)

And to kick off my start of a new blog, I'll give myself a one card reading from my Thoth Deck. And the card of the day is...Four of Swords

Here's the description of the card from DigitTarot:

Tolerance; stabilization; lull in the fight The Four of Swords is called Truce. This seems rather on the lines of "the strong man armed keeping his house in peace". The masculine nature of air makes it dominant. The card is almost a picture of the formation of the military clan system of society.
The number Four, Chesed, is here manifested in the realm of the Intellect. Chesed refers to Jupiter who rules in Libra in this decanate. The sum of these symbols is therefore without opposition; hence the card proclaims the idea of authority in the intellectual world. It is the establishment of dogma, and law concerning it. It represents a refuge from mental chaos, chosen in an arbitrary manner. It argues for convention. The hilts of the four Swords are at the corner of a St. Andrew's cross. Their shape suggests fixation and rigidity. Their points are sheathed---in a rather large rose of forty-nine petals representing social harmony. Here, too, is compromise. Minds too indolent or too cowardly to think out their own problems hail joyfully this policy of appeasement. As always, the Four is the term; as in this case there is no true justification for repose, its disturbance by the Five holds no promise of advance; its static shams go pell-mell into the melting-pot; the issue is mere mess, usually signalized by foetid stench. But it has to be done!

I think this card summarizes thoughts over discussions I had today...